Worth the Wait


The Back Story

Coming from the 4pm youth service of Lifebox Malate, I was supposed to meet my college friends to attend a Night of Worship kind of celebration from another church. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to, due to miscommunication and tiredness. Instead, I did my usual Friday night habit, which is to stay in a coffee shop, read, and contemplate.

The Story

It was my first time in Starbucks Shangri-la Ground floor branch. Since it’s Friday, the place was crowded. The line was quite long too. Since I’m tired from walking and it’s getting late, I just followed the line to order my favourite Grande Cafe Americano Hot. As I was waiting, I started observing the customers of the shop. To mention a few were a father and daughter conversing, A man with his geeky glasses reading, and a foreign guy couple laughing. I also noticed that the new Starbucks Promenade in Greenhills has a bit higher price compared here (Product: Cafe Americano Price:P125(Shangri-la) P135(Promenade)).After a minute or two, it was finally my turn to be served!

Barista 1(female): Good evening!

Me: One Cafe Americano Grande.

Barista 1: Hot or Cold?

Me: Hot

Barista 1: And your name please?

Me: Jeka

Barista 1: J-E .. (loading mode)

Me: J-E-K-A

Barista 1: Nag log talaga ..(hehehe..)

Me: (hehehe…) Does that mean hindi ako magigising sa inorder ko?!

Barista 1: (ehehe..) Hindi naman po.

Then she left for a while to prepare my coffee. A barista coming from nowhere talked to me.

Barista 2(Female): Thank you for waiting Maam. Because of that…..

I wasn’t absorbing everything she said because I was looking at the coupon she was holding, which I can’t even read ( I was shock and thinking that she might be offering me a discount something which I have to pay). 

Barista 2(Female): ….we wish you could avail it here in the Shangri-la Branch.

Me: Thank you (Getting the coupon with a smile).

Barista 1 comes back and handed me the receipt. As I was waiting for my drink to be served, I read the context of the coupon. It turned out to be a free Venti size coffee of my choice available in any branch of Starbucks. I felt really blessed having the thought that next Friday, I don’t have to pay for my drink (which cost more or less P200 pesos). And since I’m still currently unemployed, anything that will lessen my expenses is a great deal!

The Lesson

I sat down and pondered upon the blessing that I’ve received ( I don’t really get free stuff because oftentimes, I disregard the idea of joining  raffles or contest). It made me realize that God also has his ways of blessing us if we only know how to be patient. As I’ve mentioned, though I know the line was long, I focused on my desire to have that coffee (which will be the reward) . I did not only wait, but what really made a difference is that I enjoyed myself by observing and noticing my environment. I didn’t become grumpy. I even had the energy and enthusiasm to joke with the baristas. Maybe that’s why Barista 2 chose me among the other customers. I did get to enjoy my favourite Cafe Americano and had the free coffee for my next visit.

As Joyce Meyer said, “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the activity to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

God’s blessings do not only come from that front door we are expecting it to come out. It may come from both the front and the back doors. That is how the grace of God works! The only thing we have to do is be patient as we wait.

It may not be easy, but it will be worth it!



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