Winter Tale

Winter season it was indeed.I hear my footsteps kissing every crushed ice. My pair of boots are keeping my feet comfortable, mittens protecting my hands against the frost bite I might catch.

I hear a sonata I know I’ve heard before. Was it from Beethoven, Rachmaninoff or Mozart, I wasn’t sure at all. I turn my head from north to south, east to west, curiously seeking for the source of the wonderful melody.Like Edmund’s Turkish delight, the more I feed it, I the crave for more.

I look up and observe how the snowflakes kisses my cheeks. I see it then feel it. I shiver inside out. Not because of the sensation it brings, but what it represents.As what as snow ,I am pure, is all I could think about.

I gasp for air and the sonata stops. Next to my left ear, words are spoken, “You are alive in me. “When I turn left, I find myself alone in the woods. I hear some branches crushing caused by someone or something heavy. I turn my head to the left and to the right but I cant see anything. The sound grows louder and louder then it stops.

Five feet away from me is a lion ready to devour. I am afraid. I cant move my feet. My whole body starts to sweat. I shut my eyes, hands clasp, and on bended knees , I say my prayers in tongues. Can someone save me from this hour?

I await my death and yet it did not come. I hear the sonata once again. My heart seems to understand the melody now. I am free and safe. In every season, I am believing. I am contented.


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