I Dreamed a Dream (Part I)

The midday sun is shining brightly. I placed my right hand above my head to protect my eyes from damaging itself due to extreme sunlight.I sat down and looked around. The seashore is empty. I closed my eyes as I inhale the cold breeze coming from the north sea. I grabbed my enormous brown hat and starting to walk towards the east where I saw a hut earlier. The bell rang as I enter the premise. Immediately, the sweet scent of french toast welcomed me. “Ive’d been waiting for you,”a gentle voice said. I turned to my right and saw Him, looking at me with an eye of excitement. I smiled back and approached Him. Sitting down opposite Him and upon placing my hat on my knees, He asked, ” One Cafe Amerikano with a shot plus two pieces of French Toast!?” “He do know me well,”I told myself then nodded back in agreement. What did you dream about today!? , He asked as He placed his left elbow above the table. “Hmm, nothing much, “I replied shyly, “A pile lifeless bodies. Blood oozing from their cold skin.I think I even saw someone familiar. I don’t know how they ended up dead. I’m sure there is an explanation. He reaches for my right arm and asked, Were you hurt!?””I was scared but not hurt,” I replied with an assuring smile. “I told you they can’t touch you. But still you were afraid. Why was that,!? He asked. I reached for my coffee and drank a gulp. Placing it back on the table, I looked outside the transparent glass window that displays the marvelous motion of the sea as it kisses the sand.


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