Start Singing

Standing on the shore of decision
Looking into the face of adventure
Desire to abandon all I know
What pushes me is rooted somewhere between misunderstanding and knowing
Knowing that what I want to understand is not within my reach
So I ponder my escape
Not knowing what lies ahead
Adventure and theory is full of excitement
And bleeds with passion for life
But adventure and reality is full of breathless moments, silent nights, and wounds that leaves scars and memory on the heart

Can I go the distance?

Can I give all my mind to get what the messenger is saying?
Can I surrender my knowing?
Will I survive the humility of ignorance to obtain the treasure or a gold cannot buy?
Will I ask the question of honesty even if the answer convicts my soul and sends me to the ran of repentance?

All of these thoughts flood my mind

As I stay on the shore of choosing
And in a distance of my wondering I see with clear eyes a flock of wild beautiful birds
Swooping clearly in my direction
As if they see me and are coming for me
And how strange it is with their eyes are full of clarity
And the melody of their flopping wings sings out

We are coming for you

As song is welding up
Wake up the song birds
We wanna hear your melodies
Song birds wake up
Start singing
Your not in your cage anymore
Bound by your shame anymore
The walls that held you in prison
The gate is flap wide open

Start singing cage less birds

-Melissa Helser, Cageless birds


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