The Leader and I


The year was 2012, when my best friend ask me if we could attend this meet ups before 11 am Sunday service. Bible study for me back then started to become a small group, a victory group, then eventually a shared lives moments between 6 women. The leader, well, she was called Patti, ate Patti.


I could vaguely remember our Sunday meet ups outside Claritoz, talks about God and what He did for us invaded our 60 minutes.  We would seat side by side every 11 am service. Finally, Victory Weekend came. She wasn’t my councilor back then but she continued to oversee things.


Because of her consistent advertisement of Saturday prayer meetings, I was encouraged to finally attend one day. She would lead the worship time and even declare God’s word with power. She is a worshiper and a leader .


She asked me to do our group messaging, which reminded the group to attend our Sunday Victory group. Celebrating each birthdays were a lot of fun as we eat somewhere in Manila. Eventually, we were able to meet the afternoon Victory group she is leading. We had an amazing Christmas Party last 2013.

She have already raised leaders from this batch. Many have come and go. Rough times have shaken our am Victory group. She was not moved. She is the leader who trust in the Lord.


Ate Patti would invite me to her house and cook her chicken adobo dish. Sleeping time is our favorite bonding moment. We would share lives under the sheets. She is the leader who would allow you to discover who God really is and who you are in Him.

Our age gap didn’t bother us at all. In her, I experience what it feels like to really have an older sister. In those moments I can’t handle being the eldest myself, she lead me by example.

She would calmly digest my horror stories and pray with me through it. With her 2 pamangkins plus ate Mish, my ate and her housemate as well, playing brings such excitement and joy in my life. Indeed, discipleship is relationship.

“You deserve it,” she said when I thanked her for inviting me on this years Discipleship 2015. Those words were all I needed that time to continue to move forward with my relationship with God. Ate Patti helped me with my walk with God.

She may not be perfect, yet her love and obedience to God lead me to her. It’s such an honor to be working with her side by side in advancing God’s kingdom here on earth. By her fruits, she leads beyond words.


Truly, it is God who blessed me with this person. As a mighty woman of God, she will continue to lead women with power and grace. Come what may, Patricia Cervantes will forever be my sister, my friend, my councilor, my playmate, and my leader.


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