God Speaks to One Alone (Part 1)

Night.The dusk descends, and the streetlights string beads all over the city, and the cards switch on their headlamps. People drive home. Their houses glow a while, but soon the doors click locked, and the windows darken room by room, and people go to bed. They sleep.

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Midnight.A dog barks. Another dog joins the warning with a long howl. But the alleys are empty. The two dongs woof the,selves back to silence and lie down and sleep.

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Night. The small hours after midnight. All the world is bedded now. All the world’s asleep-

-But you, my child. You (say the dear Lord God): You sit on your bed with your knees drawn up, gripping them with your arms. Why do you tremble? Why do you jump at the sound of two dogs barking? Why do you peer around at the walls and the windows?

“I’m afraid.”

But this is your own familiar bedroom. What can you be afraid of?

“I’m afraid of the dark.”

But the dark is no enemy-

“I’m blind in the dark! I’m lost. I can’t see what’s in front or what could attack me from behind or what I am or how protected I might be or who I might be-”

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Faith, child!

Even in darkness it is my hand that leads you. I am here. My right hands holds you. For the dark is not dark to me, and the night is as bright as the day.

-Walter Wangerin Jr., Whole Prayer

*Images grabbed from Google.


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