God Speaks to One Alone (Part 2)

It is the night, and the whole world is sleeping-

-But you, my child, awake and alone. Why do you rise up? Why do you pace the floor so restlessly?

“For all that I didn’t accomplish today.”

But I saw you. You did a double day’s labor.

“Not half enough! Time! Time! There is so little time and so much to do, and who will do it if I don’t? I’m tired. I’m trapped. The night comes much too soon, and I can’t keep working.”

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Rest, Child!

Time is not yours to divide but mine to govern and by it to govern you. Who made the moon to mark the seasons? Who gave the sun it’s time for setting? Not you. I did that for you. The setting sun is a single deep command. I made the night so that the wide-eyed creatures might do their work. When the sun arises they will go obediently to bed; and then, in my good time, may you go forth to your work. But the night is dark so that dim-eyed fools are forced to sleep. Obey me. Let all labors finally be mine. Obey my celestial commands, and sleep.

-Walter Wangerin Jr., Whole Prayer

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