God Speaks to One Alone (Part 3)

”It’s the night,”you whimper.

I hear you, child. I see you cover your face and groan. Why do you heave such heavy sighs?

“When I close my eyes to sleep, the face come back again. All the people I wounded today. My children, whom I cut with the edge of my tongue. My father, whom I cut with no word at all, by a resolute silence. My friend-

“Ah, one by one they pass me, frowning or weeping. And I am left alone. Even Jesus has abandoned me!

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Peace, child!

If you need signs in the night, look up. Can you count the stars that shine on you? Yet they people the velvet skies on your behalf. They are signs of my coming and our covenant together.

Look up. The stars that you see have ever been the hosts of heaven, serving me. I am the Lord of hosts; and these are angels. They are warriors when it is necessary to fight the evils that would consume you. But they have also all thrown “down their spears, and watered heaven with their tears”: they are the choral angels who sang for shepherds watching over their flocks by night. They praise me and announce the birth of  my Son.

Peace, they sang, for the Savior comes in spite of your sinning the day long. Peace, they sang, to all with whom the Lord is pleased, for by my Son do I come to give you, child, to enlighten and to love you.

Look up. It is a glorious, goodly company that surrounds your house and all the houses in the country, even the houses of those whom you hurt, but who are healing now precisely because they are sleeping in my night and in my care.

-Walter Wangerin Jr., Whole Prayer

*Image grabbed from Google.


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