God Speaks to One Alone (Part 4)

“Oh, God! No one told me loneliness hurts-”

There was once a child who woke in panic of loneliness.Immediately she screamed for her father. She howled with her head thrown back, like a wolf cub.She made such a roaring that she couldn’t hear her father’s whisper in her ear, assuring her that he held her life in his right hand, that he hung the moon in love for her, that all the stars were servants surrounding her, that he would be there to wake her in the morning.

Ah, it was not loneliness after all, but the fear of loneliness and all her moaning that isolated her.


Child, be still.

Be very still and listen. The night itself was made for the lonely, for my spirit breathes best in darkness and in silences, and then my Word takes on most intimate and personal meanings. Everything that I have whispered in your ear tonight has already been written in my Book.

But when finally you can be still, then it doesn’t matter how much the waters roar or how the mountains shake: in stillness you yourself will know that I am God, that I, the Lord of Hosts, am with you forever.

O my child, I love you. Rest in my refuge. Rest in my strength. Rest, and afterwards- sleep.

-Walter Wangerin Jr., Whole Prayer

*Image grabbed from Google.


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