White Space

White spaces looks empty to me. Yet the rush of excitement, having that desire to fill it up with something that matters, makes me want to encounter it more. Will it end up a multi million work of art ? Or will it look like a mess, worthy to be thrown in the trash? Who knows?

Today, the empty space is this blog. Typing the letters on the keyboard that transforms into stories brings doubt and fear out of me. Maybe it’s the fear of being judged or misunderstood? Or the doubt of not knowing who have I become to be able to play with words? Worst, it could be both.

I’ve already started and this looks like it will end up in the trash. But I’m choosing to face this roller coaster ride. In this hour, in this moment, there’s no turning back.

Here, there is no theme at all. Writing in the moment with quick editing and a little anticipation will be the process. Raw and personal, yet true and easy to relate to. That’s the character! Yes! Genuine, vulnerable, and spontaneous.

I’ve almost filled the white space tonight. But this will not be the end. Expecting wonderful, random, thinking out loud kind of strokes for the next days, months, and years.

White space will be a place were I will be worshiping. The fear and the doubt can now vanish. Perfect love has spread this space tonight. And I am convinced to whom I will give this art of mine. Do you know?


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