Safe in Silence

Lost at sea, I tried to make sense of everything around me. I think I heard the waves splashing. But where is the shore anyway? I kept looking around for a nearby island but my vision couldn’t find one. The inflatable boat I’m into seams to wobble with my heartbeat. Holding tightly  to my one last flare, I’m waiting for something, some movement, a life that will signal me to release my flare.

By now, the sun is setting. Looking up in the sky, it’s brilliant hues fuels the hope within me.”I will surely be found”, says my nervous small voice. Curling like a baby into my mothers womb, I closed my eyes and listened. I wasn’t really sure of what to find. I just stayed still. Waiting for something. The silence around me was disturbed by a loud honking. I lifted my head, and from a distant, saw a ship! ” Help, I’m here!”, I yelled at the top of my lungs.

Waving my hands, I cried out for help. I was certain that the help I was waiting was finally here. But slowly, as my eyes could not betray me, the ship didn’t notice me at all. It moved further and further away from were I am. I was wrong then, once again in silence I wait.

“Everything seems to be darker in this hour,” I thought to myself. As the stars shine their own light, compared to theirs, mine was slowly fading. My hands were uncontrollably shaking due to the cold breeze. Placing it into my pocket, I touched something. Pulling it out and found a whistle.

For a while, the whistle made me busy, thinking that it will save me. Blowing it many times out of desperation made me exhausted. In the end, I realized that  there was no one to hear the sound I was creating. Hanging the whistle on my neck, and bracing myself to the silence of the night, I hugged my knees and fell asleep.

“Wake up, o sleeper, rise up..”, said a voice. I lifted my head, opened my eyes then saw a light.

“Wake up, o sleeper, rise up..”, said a voice. I lifted my head, opened my eyes then saw a light.The light blinded my sight. I placed my left hand in front of my eyes as I hear the waves crashing. Who would have thought that in silence I was being drawn to safety.

With my flare, whistle and energized body, I responded to the light. I knew I was getting closer. This is the best time not hold back .Then the light was directed on me. Finally, the lighthouse secured my safety.

*Imaged grabbed from Google


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