Sheep Wrecked

I saw a man standing in front of me. “What do you want?” I asked. He sat down on the floor, reached out for my hand and told me that He wanted my heart. Out of disbelief, I stood up and walked away. I walked away from the memories of the past. Leaving behind every definition of faith, hope and love.

I heard the thunders roar. Looking up, then it started to rain. Slowly, one my one, it came rushing down with such urgency and strength. “ Too bad I forgot my umbrella,” I thought to myself as I ran towards a shed, where the same man was standing.

Standing on the same roof, I asked him if he was following me. He nodded, wearing a warm smile on his face. “What do you want?” I asked out of annoyance. He looked at me and pointed his index finger towards my heart. I started running away from the shed and shouted back at him, “Seriously man, are you mad? Leave me alone! “

The rain stopped. I felt tired and sick. Almost falling, warm arms caught me before I hit the ground. “It’s you again and you want my heart.” I uttered. I didn’t hear him say anything. He just carried me with such strength and steadiness.


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