I Will Pursue You

Growing up in a family who values tradition, I’m used to going to church every Sunday, praying some memorized prayers before I sleep, and not playing after 3 pm on a Black Saturday. As an eldest, my family is my priority and time is for me to control. For 20 years, the pleasures of the world took hold of my aspirations and dreams.

Back when I was in 2nd year college, I befriend a pastor’s daughter. After our class, me and my best friend would sit on one of the benches beside the colegio’s basketball court and listen to worship songs, then pray for one another before we part ways. It was my first official encounter with what they call Christianity.

In group meetings, my classmates would ask my best friend to pray. I noticed that she prayed differently. One day, for some reasons, I just felt this kind of desire to know more about God. I started attending Sunday mass regularly as well as reading popular books about Him.

I started reading Genesis yet found myself lost after some chapters. Seeking for a bible study group in our local church seems to not work at all. One day, I had the courage to strike a conversation with my dad and asked, “What if magging Christian ako?” “Diba hindi sila naniniwala kay Mary?” discombobulated, I stopped probing and became contented with what I know about God.

Fast forward, I was now an excited fresh graduate, ready to conquer the world. With my new work and my new world, having so many “new things” in my life kept me going. So when my best friend invited me to attend a Christian service with her, I said yes. I thought to myself, “If this works, I‘m willing to try this Christian thing. If not, then I could always go back to my comfortable life.”

I would like to believe that on that day I stepped inside the church, my eyes were opened to the Lord’s truth that set me free. From then on, I attended the Sunday services regularly and joined a small group were I was encouraged to read His word. That desire to know the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit was rekindled.

Today, I am living my life in freedom because of the finished worked on the cross. It was by surrendering my life to Christ that made all things new. This Christianity was from darkness to light, death to life and a relationship with the Lord.

God’s business became my priority, submitting even my time to Him. I found pleasure in praising and worshiping Him. It was not my perfection but my direction that He was after all this time. Yes, it was a pursuit of a father for her long lost daughter.

*Photo grabbed from google.


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