Drops of Joy

Happiness is a mental and emotional condition with respect to circumstances or attributes. It ranges from contentment to joy. Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. You can be happy but not reach the point of rejoicing yet you can be joyful and experience happiness at the same time.

In our world today, there are promises of pleasure we can easily get from reading magazines, watching movies or eating a meal. We are so caught up with Instagram, convenient store and fast lane that we sometimes forget the cost of experiencing the real thing. We cannot identify anymore what is the truth from a hoax.

Praise God that we are now from Him,giving us the right to become His children through the shedding of blood on the cross.By the Spirit within  us, we are able to know what is authentic from fake, essential from insignificant and eternal from temporal. And because we believe, we are able to live a life of freedom.

Going through tough times is a part of a persons life, and so is the life of a free man. Various challenges causes one to stumble and fall, yet it does not end there. A free man standing up after a painful defeat is a man who has a hope beyond his circumstances.

A joyful person is not blinded by his circumstances but encouraged by seeing beyond his situation. He does not deny the facts but does not feel the need to stay where he is and be complacent. Him pressing on produces drops of joy, knowing that all things always work for good.

Joy shared to anyone will not reduce its taste but instead reproduce the same flavor. It is contagious and unlimited, powerful and exciting. When you choose to rejoice, you encounter the goodness of a Father who did not spare His own Son just for you to experience the fullness of His love.

*Photo grabbed from Google.


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