What’s going on?

     Ever since I was 9, I would end my day narrating on my diary what had transpired , from the rising of the sun in the east and setting in the west. Today on my journal, I do not only narrate but  also reflect on things that matters in this life and beyond . Writing makes me remember and helps me create. To remember is to revisit the goodness of the past while to create is to hope  for the best in the future.

     I am but one in a sea of millions of people yet no one can ever be me. But that does not mean I am not capable of relating to others for each one of us are connected in so many ways. I would like to share through blogging a life of freedom that is changing me from the inside out. Knowing that there is always hope for everyone, sharing the joy of salvation makes it known that one is never alone.

     All humanity was given eyes to see what is known to be able to look beyond what is unknown.Writing is traveling through time and witnessing stories worth retelling .I’d like to explore the wonders of being a daughter of the Almighty God, a sister to every single woman, a writer to a reader of poetry and short stories and a teacher to the next generation.

     Connecting with other who are passionate about Jesus Christ, womanhood and the next generation will make blogging more fun and exciting! I desire to write and so I hope that this 2016, I’ll be able to share stories every week. But of course,I’m always open for more! The ultimate promise giver  has plans for my welfare and not for evil, plans to give me a future and hope.


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