In One Sitting : A Posture of Pause 

It’s raining. I am left wondering why I needed to be somewhere unfamiliar. I didn’t plan any of this to transpire. All I know is that my appointments were cancelled and I have money to spend.

Sitting in a coffee shop while people watching and listening to a confessional upbeat music makes me not want to move. This is what a perfect day looks like.This has always been a moment to be at a posture of pause and reflection.

Caught in between the new and the old things in life, I confess this has brought me to a place of constant shift and risk. How do I remain steadfast if my days are like the sun, it greets you at daytime and bids you goodbye at night time.

The rain has stopped. I’m starting to feel cold. I like to believe its from the iced Americano I just finished. Where to go next is something I need to think about. But first , I need to stop by at the nearest comfort room.


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