Stay and Wait

Just a week ago, whenever we were asked to proceed to the E.R, nurses would immediately call the doctor to place my Tatay’s NGT. Earlier, we needed to wait in the hospital for 5 hours. This season has brought a lot of staying and waiting in my part.

Remaining in the same place until something happens can make you hold your breath or tap your foot. All the what ifs’ would run into your mind without permission, leading you to a place of expectation. Before you know it, you are lost in those dreamy skies and endless smiles or creepy nights and saddest times.

One of those days, as I stay seated inside a train, I can’t help but look outside the window and enjoy the clear blue sky. Waiting is such a delight when pleasant things happen in front of you. It leaves a smile on your face each time.

Standing in long lines, waiting for my personal documents to be released is rather uncomfortable. The noise pollution and hot weather is an unfriendly environment. Staying sometimes mean a headache or a cramp.

My Tatay’s NGT is a lifeline because it is where his basic need for food will pass. Whatever happens, it needs to be placed inside his body. A goal is always behind every staying and waiting, however mundane it may be.

There is always something to be achieved in our everyday life. And to hit one’s target, it is not without effort and perseverance. But what if the character is always been a part of the goal? What if for every staying is a peeling of the old you and every waiting is a birthing of the new you?

In a century of instants and fast forwards, staying and waiting might seem like a stumbling block towards the road to success. But maybe the goal was really to know the readiness of once self through the staying and waiting, the willingness of the heart to pursue and receive that blessing even faced with unprecedented situations.



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