Before Sunrise

It’s been 5 months since we rushed him to the hospital. “Milled Stroke, Pneumonia and Heart Complications,” the doctor said, then follows a list of medications my mind could not absorb since it was already 2 am.

His clothes became larger and larger for his once flabby arms. Rolling out of bed, his thoughts of going to the comfort room on his own never left. Many times a day he would call out my name just to say, “Wala lang.”(nothing)

Budgeting the medical expenses challenged my skills in Mathematics. Running from one drugstore to another was a good exercise after all. And to make sure he doesn’t remove his NGT, drama marathon became a daily habit (may it be daytime or nighttime).

Going back and forth to the E.R was the hardest part. Coldplay’s The Scientist sums up the experience, for“Nobody said it was easy…“The word E.R suddenly became synonym to wait, resist, and pain.

Visitors made him enthusiastic. I remember asking him, “Anong pinag usapan niyo?”(What did you talked about?)“Nakalimutan ko na,”(I forgot.) he replied then follows a smile. “Maybe  visitors made him better more than the medicines he was taking,” I thought to myself.

As the days pass by,  his body weight became heavier. Most of the time he was asleep while  gasping for air. By this time, Romans 6:23 was all I can whisper to his ear. And on the 20th of September, before sunrise, Tatay breathed his last.

*Photo grabbed from Google.


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