In One Sitting : To Never Walk Alone

Looking at my feet, I never felt this cold in my entire life. I am thankful I wore thick clothing before steeping out of the house though, it made me feel warmer inside. To be walking at the forest before dawn breaks gave me all the chills. But I wonder, ” When will winter end?” So heading through the bushes, the cold white snow flakes touched my face. All I can hear were my footsteps on the thick snow floor. As I hold a lamp on my left hand and a staff on my right, I headed towards the clearing. My eyes failed me as the foggy atmosphere continues.

There were moments I would stop for a while thinking if I’m still walking at the right path. At times, I would even hear howling wolves in the deeper parts of the forest. I would imagine leaving my lamp and staff just to run faster, but I know in my heart it’s not the way it should be. I continued walking, believing that sooner or later, I’ll be at the clearing. Maybe, I’ll even catch a wonderful sunrise, moments I’d love to witness.

Out of no where, a hand helps me lift the lamp on my left hand. I looked and saw Him with a glistening eyes on me. Then I realized from the very start of that walk, He has been following me. Looking after every step, He made sure I won’t stumble or fall. It was then I knew, this was it. The walk was not about reaching the clearing or even catching the sunrise, it was for me to remember that I will never walk alone. 

*Photo grabbed from Google Images


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